Heavy-weight catch in bayernhafen Regensburg

Mobile crane and lock gates in spectacular heavy-lift success

Spectacular heavy-lift handling in bayernhafen Regensburg A lock gate weighing an impressive 55 tonnes is loaded onto a barge by cranes operating in tandem. Image source: bayernhafen Regensburg / altrofoto Uwe Moosburger

Regensburg, 10 July 2017 - Not one but two spectacular heavy-lift successes in a short space of time in bayernhafen Regensburg: In early July, a 44-tonne mobile crane found itself at the other end of the hook. The mobile crane, which was on its way to Bulgaria, was loaded on to a barge with the aid of two port cranes. In the preceding week, it was the turn of a pair of lock gates to be moved from shore to ship: The two 15.3-metre long, 4.65-metre wide, 4.2-metre high lock gates weighing around 55 tonnes each were destined for the Cernavodă lock in Romania. The precise loading of the lock gates and the mobile crane onto the barge was carried out by two port cranes operating in tandem, i.e. two cranes moving one object together.

The lock gates were manufactured in Plauen before being transported by road to Regensburg. The journey from Regensburg to Cernavodă by inland waterway will take around ten to twelve days. Cernavodă is the start of the 65-kilometre long Danube-Black Sea Canal, which flows into the Black Sea near Constanța. The heavy lift handling was organised by the Port of Regensburg-based cargo handling specialist, DTU Donau-Transport- und Umschlaggesellschaft mbH, a joint venture of Kühne+Nagel Germany and Main- Schifffahrts-Genossenschaft MSG. Shipping was carried out by Panta Rhei Befrachtungs- und Speditions GmbH, a 65%-owned subsidiary of Kühne + Nagel Euroshipping. “Transporting heavy-lift and bulky cargo by inland waterway is much safer and much better for the environment,” says Joachim Zimmermann, Chief Executive Officer of bayernhafen Gruppe. “By contrast, it is considerably more complex and costly to transport heavy-lift cargo on the motorway.” bayernhafen Regensburg, along with the ports of Aschaffenburg, Bamberg, Nuremberg, Roth and Passau, is a member of the bayernhafen Gruppe. As a result of its excellent accessibility for wide-load and high machinery components, such as transformers, and the associated handling possibilities, the bayernhafen Gruppe locations play an important role in securing the long-term commitment of plant and equipment manufacturers to the area.

Another impressive catch: the so-called twin-operation procedure is used to load a 44-tonne mobile crane onto a barge in bayernhafen Regensburg. The heavy-lift handling was organised by the bayernhafen Regensburg-based cargo handling company, DTU Donau-Transport-und Umschlaggesellschaft mbH. Image source: bayernhafen Regensburg / Ingo Maschauer
Transporting heavy-lift and bulky cargo by inland waterway is safe and environmentally friendly. Pictured: loading a lock gate in bayernhafen Regensburg. Image source: bayernhafen Regensburg / altrofoto Uwe Moosburger
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