1. What goods are handled at the harbour?
bayernhafen has a freight turnover around 9 million tonnes per year at the six locations by ship and rail. The range of goods includes bulk and liquid goods through to premium industry products. The wide variety of goods includes for example: automobiles, building machinery, containers, fertilisers, iron ore, and scrap iron, foodstuffs, generators and grain, wood and wooden goods, plastics and coal, agricultural products, machines and mineral oil, paper, quartz sand, steel and stone, turbines, wind energy converters, cement.

2. What industries are located at the harbour?

About 400 companies are based at the six bayernhafen locations. The companies are involved in the transport, warehousing, logistics, services and production industries. This includes forwarding companies and ship owners, but also fodder and wood mills, or even a biomass heat and power cogeneration works.

3. Can you buy properties at the harbour?
The sites are assigned to tenants on rent and leasehold bases – that is, as own property for a specific period of time. We offer flexible and tailored concepts to our customers. Single source, strategic real estate management guarantees an ideal mix of industries while at the same time ensuring corresponding synergy effects and sustainable use of the harbour infrastructure on the one hand. On the other, we create reliable framework conditions for the companies that set up business here and give them the option of modifying the sizes and shapes of the sites they occupy to match their current needs.

Quelle: via donau

Transport capacities of ships, rail and trucks are clarified by the following chart:

Quelle: via donau

The charts shown were placed at our disposal by donau, the Austrian Waterways Company GmbH.
The benefits of inland shipping are explained at www.via-donau.org.
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