bayernhafen operates six locations: Aschaffenburg, Bamberg, Nuremberg, Roth, Regensburg and Passau. The sites are centrally located on economic and geographic important nodes combined with an efficient mix of different modes of transport: water, rail and road, makes the location stand out. Every year about 30 million tonnes of goods are handled by ship, rail and truck.

bayernhafen is an active moderator for the development of logistics solutions and networks. They act as site architects, who develop the common company and location strategies, invest in infrastructure and work in close co-operation with the resident companies to unlock added value potential. The aim is, to further strengthen the position of the port as a logistics hub and platform for the worldwide exchange of goods. Strategic area management insures a mix of industries from transport, warehousing, logistics, services and production.   

800 hectares (8 square kilometre) of total port area and more than 400 resident companies with more than 13,000 employees make the bayernhafen group one of the most successful logistics networks in Europe and one of the most important motors of the Bavarian economy. bayernhafen itself employs more than 200 staff members.

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